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Charley Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs

Bath salt with herbs

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3.10€ - 3.70€

Charley Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs an artistic series of bath salts that will give you a pleasant time in the bathroom while bathing. Each bag contains not only bath salts, but also some herbs of the relevant theme. Made in Japan.


  • Alighting On The Green Forest a pleasant forest aroma that invites you to relax and the color of hot water is calm forest green.
  • Blooming In Rose Garden elegant classic rose aroma and soft pink color of hot water.
  • Starry Night At The Lodge slightly warm aroma of ginger and maple and snow-white color of water.
  • A Little Bird Told Me, Yuzu Will Be Ripen Soon fresh aroma of freshly picked citrus.
  • Catch In The Strawberry Field the sweet aroma of strawberries and the soft pink color of the hot water.
  • Nobana Flower Skin Care Bath Salt Wild Rose & Sweet Pea scent of sweet pea (pink).
  • Nobana Flower Skin Care Bath Salt Lavender & Pink dianthus lavender scent (purple).