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Elizavecca Hell-Pore Bifida Premium Ample 97%

Bifida ample 97%

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Elizavecca Hell-Pore Bifida Premium Ample 97% rejuvenating serum it is designed to improve the condition of mature skin. It rejuvenates and restores the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, eliminates dryness, and slows down the signs of aging. It also serves as a preventive measure against premature skin aging. The serum stimulates cell regeneration, alleviates inflammation, and contributes to the rapid restoration of the skin's natural beauty and youthfulness.

The main action of the serum

  • rejuvenation
  • increased elasticity
  • wrinkle smoothing.

Active Ingredients

  • Bifidobacterium lysate extract promotes the synthesis of ceramides in the skin, which are responsible for enhancing the local immunity of cells and increasing their barrier functions. Ceramides help normalize the hydro-lipid balance, retaining moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, thus restoring elasticity and resilience to mature skin.
  • Aloe extract creates a lifting effect, restores skin elasticity, combats wrinkles, and slows down the aging processes. Aloe juice easily penetrates the skin, restores metabolism, stimulates cell regeneration, alleviates inflammation, irritation and itching.
  • Milk extract provides moisturizing effects, accelerates the process of cellular renewal, and stimulates collagen synthesis. Products with this ingredient are suitable for dehydrated, aging skin, skin with pigmentation, and acne.

Bifida ferment contributes to...

  • accelerating the process of connective tissue cell division, which evens out the micro-relief, smoothens fine, shallow wrinkles, and restores smooth skin.
  • stimulating the natural mechanism of epidermal cell DNA repair after exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • reducing inflammation.

The serum has a consistency resembling a light emulsion. It is recommended for dry and mature skin.

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