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Floland Biotin Scalp Cooling Ampoule

Biotin scalp cooling ampoule

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Floland Biotin Scalp Cooling Ampoule filler with biotin for scalp and hair care. Effectively restores hair structure, smoothes keratin scales, making hair more manageable. Primarily, the cooling filler gently cares for both hair and the scalp. It also provides a pleasant refreshment, eliminates discomfort and itching. Additionally, it exfoliates the accumulated dead skin layer. Furthermore, it enhances microcirculation and the influx of nutrients while maintaining optimal moisture levels.

Active Ingredients

  • Biotin, the primary active ingredient, will add shine and make the hair more manageable. In the cream composition, biotin helps to smooth and restore the skin.
  • Menthol will help eliminate dandruff, accelerate hair growth, provide volume at the roots, natural shine, and reduce hair greasiness.
  • Raspberry ketone stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss, and makes hair stronger and healthier.
  • Hutunia extract has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, inhibits the production of sebum, and provides moisturizing effects on the skin.
  • Camellia extract is considered a source of radiance and softness for hair, as well as imparts an attractive aroma. A small amount of oil is sufficient to make the hair soft, silky, elastic, and shiny.
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