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iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Toner

Tea tree toner

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iUnik Tea Tree Relief Toner tea tree toner for problem skin. Prevents new breakouts, calms the skin, and reduces redness. It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Restores the natural pH after cleansing and prepares the skin for further care. Regulates sebum production and reduces skin oiliness. The toner also evens out skin tone and aids in lightening post-acne marks, leaving the skin with a radiant glow. Suitable for oily-prone skin.
Suitable for oily-prone skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Tea tree extract (67%) is perfect for those with oily skin. Its active components reduce sebum production and normalize it. The extract also combats pore blockage and regulates the sebaceous gland system.
  • Centella is rich in caffeine and vitamins B, E, K, which accelerate cellular metabolism and provide moisture and nutrients to cells, significantly improving the skin's condition.
  • Aloe vera extract easily penetrates the skin, restoring metabolism, stimulating cell regeneration, and alleviating inflammation, irritation, and itching. Therefore, many cosmetics manufacturers create entire skincare lines containing aloe. They are recommended by specialists even for very sensitive skin.
  • Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin from the B group (B3), an essential element for the entire body, and particularly for the skin. It contributes to strengthening the skin's hydrolipid barrier and improves its appearance.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance with excellent moisturizing properties, a common component in many skincare products. Its secret lies in its ability to attract and retain a large amount of moisture – one molecule can hold up to 1000 molecules of water. It protects the skin from dryness, flakiness, and premature aging.

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