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MacQueen NewYork Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter

Eye glitter

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9.99€ - 11.70€15.60€

MacQueen NewYork Jewel-Poten Eye Glitter eye glitter, containing various shimmering particles for a sparkling radiance. The product dries quickly and maintains the precision and longevity of eye makeup. The ultra-thin applicator makes it easier to apply the product with vivid results.


Let the eye makeup glowing from different angles with golden ration of the glitters and pearl powder.
Powerful adherence, quick dry effect and long lasting without fall-out.
With ultra slim applicator to control the amount more easily for a vivid eye makeup.
Color Chart:
#01 Kitten Diamond gives an elegant champagne gold color.
#02 Retro Ruby gives a feminine and romantic pink rose color.
#03 Orange Topaz gives a sophisticated feeling of copper orange.