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Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Pad

Moisturizing pads with bifidocomplex

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Manyo Bifida Biome Ampoule Pad hydrating pads with a bifido complex are a skincare product containing bifidobacteria. These pads contribute to skin hydration, support its natural balance, and help make the skin soft and refreshed. The unique action of the bifido complex can support the health of the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and contribute to overall improvement in the skin's condition in the applied area.

The pads are generously saturated with ampoule serum, allowing for comfortable distribution of the product on the skin. Two-sided pads provide step-by-step skincare:

  • The textured side gently removes impurities, excess sebum, and dead cells;
  • The smooth side moisturizes and smoothens, improving the texture of the skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Bifidobacterium lysate is an extract obtained from bifidobacteria. This ingredient is commonly used to enhance skin health. Bifidobacterium lysate may contribute to maintaining the skin microbiome, strengthening its barrier functions, and reducing inflammation. As a result, the skin may appear healthier, more resilient, and moisturized.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating ingredient that attracts and retains moisture in the skin. It contributes to moisturization, improves skin texture, making it more elastic and smooth. Hyaluronic acid is often used in creams, serums, and masks to maintain moisture levels and create a healthy-looking complexion.
  • PHA acid (Gluconolactone) provides gentle exfoliation and antioxidant protection. This component helps improve the texture of the skin, promotes hydration, and protects against free radicals.

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