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MA:NYO Pure Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

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Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil oil for deep cleansing of the skin. Thoroughly removes all types of contaminants, even the most persistent cosmetics, foundation and sunscreens.
The oil penetrates deep into the pores, effectively cleansing them, removing all impurities and dissolving fat plugs, regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands and fills the skin with moisture, preventing the appearance of dryness and flaking. Intensely nourishes and moisturizes, provides delicate cleansing, gently exfoliates and removes dead particles of the epidermis. Normalizes the water-lipid balance, does not violate the skin's protective barrier, and maintains an optimal level of moisture.
The product is very gentle on the skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin with irritations.
The product consists of 99% natural ingredients and does not contain mineral oils or silicones.

Active Ingredients

  • Soybean oil supports cell renewal and protects them from negative external influences. At the same time, soybean oil prevents skin aging, moisturizes and nourishes it, making the skin smooth and elastic.
  • Hazelnut oil one of the best oils for oily skin. Problematic and combination skin. Thanks to its unique composition, it spreads easily over the skin and is quickly absorbed without weighing it down or clogging pores. Helps tighten pores and improve complexion.
  • Argan oil used for the treatment of skin diseases, as well as for skin and hair care. It effectively helps in treating acne, blackheads and skin rashes, including teenage acne and pimples.
  • Olive oil nourishes particularly dry areas, relieving skin from flaking. Intensively rejuvenates and cares for thin, tired skin.
  • Jojoba oil brightens and evens out the surface layer of the skin. Gives the face freshness and radiant vitality.

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