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Prreti Pure White Milk Cream

Brightening cream

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Prreti Pure White Milk Cream it has a brightening effect, evens out the skin tone, and combats pigmentation. Effectively moisturizes dry skin and eliminates the feeling of tightness after washing.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

1. Moisturizing creams form a protective oil barrier to fill the dry skin with moisture. It prevents the
moisture in the skin from evaporating, helping you to get more moist and vital skin.
2. Contains milk protein and white flower complex to help skin whitening, helping skin tone up
instantly. Allantoin and peach extracts calms and moisturizes your skin.
3. Dual-function cream that is effective for skin whitening and wrinkle improvement as well as
immediate skin toning.
4. Can also be used as a daily cream without burden.
5. Not only your face, but also can be used in areas such as arms and legs that is usually exposed.
(It can also be used on sensitive areas such as the armpit.)

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